Recreation Programs

  1. Kickball- Adult Coed

    Fayetteville Parks and Recreation offers summer and fall leagues of recreational and competitive adult coed kickball. Sign your team up for the fun and games this year!

  2. Resources - Parents / Coaches

    In our programs, the games belong to the kids and the top priority is creating an enjoyable experience for athletes to improve their skills. Please consider coaching your child's team and making a huge impact.

  3. Volleyball- Adult Indoor

    Step out of the sand and hit the court... it's time for indoor volleyball! Fayetteville Parks and Recreation offers co-ed competitive and recreational volleyball leagues Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center (YRCC) for adults and teenagers 16 years or older.

  4. Summer Camps

    If you are interested in signing your child up for a summer camp then please browse through the following pages to see which one will be the best fit for summer fun.

  5. Soccer- Youth

    Look into signing your child up for the youth soccer league in Fayetteville. Get schedules, find fees and learn what you can do to become more involved in the youth soccer system of Fayetteville.

  6. Softball - Adults

    Come find out all that you need to know about getting involved in adult softball leagues around Fayetteville.

  7. Ultimate Frisbee- Youth

    Fayetteville has a rich ultimate frisbee tradition, and youth throughout Northwest Arkansas continue to play and love the game! The Youth Ultimate Frisbee program serves a recreation opportunity for all youth to be active in a positive and safe environment. Regardless of skill level in frisbee or general athletic ability, all participants will have fun learning about ultimate for the first time or polishing up on their ultimate skills.