71B Corridor Plan

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This section of the 71B corridor, from the northern city limits to Cato Springs Road, is part of the daily lives of many Fayetteville residents and visitors. The development of a plan and strategy for its improvement is one of the City’s highest priorities.

Historically, the corridor served as the primary road connection for the entire NW Arkansas region. That role changed with the construction of I-49, which opened an opportunity to rethink the corridor’s future to provide safe and convenient transportation for all modes of travel: walking, bicycles, transit, and cars.

The community planning process for this corridor represents an opportunity to develop strategies to advance many of our shared goals as a community. These include improving our economic vitality, increasing the supply of affordable housing, expanding our tax base, safe transportation for all modes of travel, opportunities for active and healthy living, and the development of a more attractive front door to our downtown and adjacent neighborhoods.

A pivotal goal of the planning process will be to develop a shared vision for the corridor that unites businesses and property owners with adjacent neighbors and identifies practical action steps to achieve the vision.

View the Agenda for the 71B Corridor Plan Steering Committee kickoff meeting 7-12-18.

View the video of the 71B Corridor Plan Steering Committee kickoff meeting 7-12-18.

View the list of community volunteers who have agreed to serve on the 71B Steering Committee.

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