Help a Neighbor Fund

In an effort to combat the challenges that can cause homelessness, the City of Fayetteville has created the Help A Neighbor Fund campaign in partnership with the HARK Center for Collaborative Care. The campaign uses a text-to-give platform that allows the public to donate to a fund, administered by HARK, to assist individuals in need.

How to Donate

Donating to the Help a Neighbor Fund is easy. Anyone with a mobile phone can text “FAY” to 50155 to donate. All proceeds go directly to assist Fayetteville residents in need.

Who is Eligible

Help a Neighbor Fund recipients must be Fayetteville residents, of low to moderate income. 

Requests will not be considered for the following: gambling debts, school tuition/fees, credit-card debt (with the exception of debt to pay for a crisis or emergency), business investments, vacations, medical treatments not prescribed by a licensed medical professional, life insurance payments, and expenses that can be covered by other social support services in a reasonable amount of time (such as SNAP benefits).

To Apply for Assistance

Individuals seeking resources can connect with a HARK Community Liaison through or by calling 479-709-2492. Your Community Liaison will coordinate personalized care, connecting you with a host of providers who can assist with housing, food, medical or mental health care, or other needs.