Our Immigrant Community

Northwest Arkansas' foreign-born population has grown significantly in the past several years. As seen in a recent study, in 2014, immigrants made up 25 percent of the total population in Springdale, 19.5 percent in Rogers, 13.5 percent in Bentonville, and 7.4 percent in Fayetteville. Between 2009 and 2014, the foreign-born population of Washington County as a whole grew by 42 percent. At that rate of growth, the foreign-born population in Fayetteville is expected to rise as high as 20% by 2022.  

Foreign-born residents of our community contribute to every sector of our economy, and more than 10 percent (as of 2014) were self-employed entrepreneurs. In addition, the international student population is growing as a result of the University of Arkansas' recruitment efforts and we hope to welcome them and their families to stay as potential workforce in our rapidly growing economy

The diversity of the population of Fayetteville is perhaps most evident in the Fayetteville Public Schools, where students speak more than 50 languages! In the 2018-2019 school year, Fayetteville schools had 1,500 students who spoke a language other than English at home. The top languages (besides English) are Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Marshallese.

Upcoming Community Events

On this page we will publish notices of City events as well as events of particular interest to immigrant residents. These may be happening in Fayetteville or in neighboring communities. Groups interested in getting their event posted to this page may contact the City of Fayetteville's Communications Department.  

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