Data Downloads and Access

You can digitally access City of Fayetteville geographic data in two ways:
A) Download geographic data from our website, or
B) Access Map Services via a REST service to display graphic information in your own webmap or within a REST-capable program such as ArcMap or AutoCAD.

A) Download geographic data

1. From General Reference Map

This is best when you want to extract data for a part of the City only. You choose the area, layer(s), format, and coordinate system. This method works with any webmap with the download icon in it.

2. FTP site

With this method you always get the entire data set, which in some cases will extend outside City limits and can be quite large. You can choose the layer(s) and format. The coordinate system is always State Plane (Arkansas North, feet).

General Reference Map method

Data is downloaded from the General Reference Map or most of the other maps listed on the GIS Interactive Maps page.
  1. Click the "Data Extract" tool Download iconat the top right of the screen.
  2. Select "Layers to Clip" by checking the box next to one or more layers.Download_layers
  3. Please note: Contours are available only through the FTP site (see below).
  4. Please note: Aerial Imagery is not available by download. Contact the GIS Office if you need it.
  5. Scroll down and click one of the icons to choose the "Area of Interest". Draw a box (circle, polygon, etc.) around the area that you need data for.
    Download_area of interest
  6. Next pick the file format from the drop-down list. Default is geodatabase (.gdb)Download_feature format
  7. Next pick the Spatial Reference. Default is StatePlane Arkansas North.Download_Spatial Reference
  8. Click Download_Executeto continue.
  9. Click the hyperlink that appears to download the data. The browser will either save it to your download folder, or else give you a dialog to pick the folder.
    Download_Click Link
  10. Find the folder named "zipfolder" and extract the files.Download_zip Extract
  11. The data should now be ready to use.

​FTP Download

Complete data sets can be downloaded directly from our FTP site. This method does not involve viewing a web map.
  1. Click HERE to link to the FTP site. FTP1
  2. Navigate to the data set you need. FTP2
  3. Click on the format you want. All ftp data is in Arkansas State Plane North coordinate system.
  4. Click the file you want to download, and follow the prompts to open or save it on your computer.FTP3
  5. CONTOURS are a very large data set and so are downloaded by USGS quad sheets instead of the whole city at once, which is not feasible. Click Quadrangle Index Map (PDF) to find an index to the USGS quads.

Downloading Notes & Tips

  • Contours have been divided into U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) quarter-quadrangles and come in zipped ESRI Shapefile and AutoCAD DWG 2004 formats. If you do not know which quarter-quad file to download, the GIS Office provides 2 options to determine which quad you need:
    1. Open the Quadrangle Index Map (PDF) from the GIS webpage.
    2. View the Land Records interactive map. Expand Land Index Grids in the Layer List, check on the USGS Quads and Quarter-Quads layers.
  • Imagery is not currently available for download. If you need imagery for a specific area, please contact the GIS Office.

B) REST Services

The data shown on all of the City of Fayetteville web maps are accessed through REST services, and these same services can be accessed by you through this URL:

Each of our maps is built from one or more REST services, typically a "mash-up" of several of them. By searching though the folder listed at the above URL, you can find all the layers we use. For example, if you go to BaseMaps > BaseMap_dark_WGS84 (MapServer), you will find the REST service used on the General Reference Map.

You can also find the URLs for particular data layers in the webmap where you found the data. For example, to find the URL for the REST service for Trails:
  • Open the "Parks and Trails" map
  • Open the Layer List, click the arrow to the right of the Trail layer, and click "Description."
  • REST_trails1
  • This will take you to the REST service URL. Copy and paste the URL into your application to access the service.REST_trails2


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