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Fayetteville Forward Successes

Fayetteville is a city with a strong volunteer spirit.  The People of Fayetteville do much to give to their community and contribute to the community in a variety of ways.  Through Fayetteville Forward, many volunteers in the community have completed a variety of projects that have moved Fayetteville forward, including the following:


  • creation of a Green Collar Workforce Training Center to train displaced workers in new Green Economy skill sets (completed through community partnership efforts in June 2010 with state funding for Centers of Excellence);
  • contract with an external economic development entity to develop a targeted business prospecting plan (completed September 2009, with contract requirements linked with Fayetteville Forward Action Groups);
  • a campaign to promote the local economy through the City and Advertising & Promotions Commission (completed August 2010--"Find it in Fayetteville" launched and continues to successfully promote the benefits of buying local);
  • passage of a City Council Resolution that the Mayor would take to the Regional Mobility Authority/NWARPC supporting Regional Transportation Light Rail Feasibility Study (completed July 2009);
  • the establishment of  "smart" form-based codes with a commitment to community-desired design standards and allowance for expedited administrative approval (with appeal to City Council) for projects that meet the standards (completed April 2010);
  • continue multi-modal transportation annual funding with an emphasis on pedestrians, connecting sidewalks and trails (ongoing projects);
  • work with the Fayetteville Public School Board to establish a millage team focused on authorizing a millage election for expansion of Fayetteville High School (millage passed, and expansion is ongoing);
  • identify a non-profit/private business to create and encourage a monthly downtown event that promotes visual, performing, and film-making events (First Thursday has included downtown businesses, visual artists, musicians, galleries, restaurants, theatrical performances, and outdoor movies and offers a monthly celebration of Fayetteville’s eclectic diversity and creative culture);
  • initiate a city-wide Volunteer program that includes Fayetteville Forward staffing (Fayetteville was awarded the state Volunteer Community of the Year for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 with people donating more than 500,000 hours each year to help Fayetteville organizations meet community needs);
  • a proposal for and encouragement for expansion and/or redevelopment of the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville (a 20-million dollar smaller expansion, but not the larger expansion, was ultimately accepted by the WAC Board); and
  • the establishment of a low impact development ordinance (passed the City Council, as well as a streamside protection ordinance).   


Fayetteville Forward was additionally successful in enhancing Fayetteville’s economic vitality with the creation of the Gallery Guide and Local Foods Guide, and ongoing projects such as establishing a stormwater utility, a quick action closing fund with performance benchmarks, and providing a funding source for public art in Fayetteville parks, public spaces, and on trails. 


Fayetteville Forward is an opportunity for anyone to get involved in driving economic development in Fayetteville.  If you are interested in finding out more about Fayetteville Forward or joining an action group, we encourage you to contact the City of Fayetteville’s new Community Outreach Coordinator Dede Peters at 575-8302 or  If you are interested in finding out more about the Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council, you may contact the FFEAC Chair, Susan Norton, at 973-8659 or