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Sales Tax Rates

The sales tax on purchases made within the City limits is collected by the State of Arkansas who, in turn, passes back earmarked amounts to local governments such as counties and cities. The total sales tax rate of 9.75% is controlled by the following three entities and their individual sales tax rates.

  • State of Arkansas - 6.50 %
  • Washington County - 1.25 %
  • City of Fayetteville - 2.00 % 

In addition to the taxes listed above, the City of Fayetteville currently has a 2.00 %Hotel/Motel/Restaurant (HMR) tax on establishments engaged in the business of renting, leasing or otherwise furnishing hotel or motel accommodations, or selling prepared food for consumption, on or off premises.

If you have specific questions about the State of Arkansas Tax, you may call the State Sales Tax Division in Little Rock at 501-682-7104. If you have questions concerning the HMR tax, you may call the City of Fayetteville Accounting Division at 479-575-8281.