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I found a stray, what do I need to do?


The most important thing is to never approach an animal that you think may be dangerous. Your personal safety is very important to us. If the animal appears to be friendly, check for tags and call the numbers. Arrange a meeting with the owner if you can locate one. If the animal is not wearing tags, bring him to the Animal Shelter or the nearest veterinary clinic to have it scanned for a microchip. Within Fayetteville city limits we will come to pick up stray dogs. Stray cats must be confined in a carrier of some sort before we can pick it up. If you can not get close enough to the animal to check for tags or it is not wearing tags, call Animal Services at (479)444-3456 so that we can attempt to capture it. An Animal Services Officer will set humane traps to attempt to capture the animal.

If you have found a stray, but don't wish to surrender it to the shelter, download a Found Dog Report or a Found Cat Report and email it to Animal Services. Be aware that once the animal has been in your possession for 72 hours you will need to make an appointment to surrender it to the shelter. For more information, contact Animal Services at (479)444-3456.