Staying Informed

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Budget Process

City of Fayetteville welcomes your participation in the annual budget process. The process is structured to allow and encourage citizens and businesses to voice their opinions about how best to match taxpayer demands and resources into government services and expenditures. The City's fiscal year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st. In July, City officials begin to plan for the coming year by developing goals, objectives, and strategies to meet the needs of the citizens and businesses of City of Fayetteville.

Based on these objectives, the Budget Director compiles revenue estimates and requests operational plans from each government department. The operational plans are then reviewed internally for accuracy and practicability. From this information the Budget Director proposes a preliminary budget. This budget is reviewed and debated by the City Council, Mayor, and other officials. Public hearings are held to gather more information and debate particular budget points. Work sessions are held to find solutions to budgetary problems and concerns.

By December 1st, the Budget Director prepares a final budget and presents it to the City Council. Following another series of discussions and hearings, an amended final budget is adopted by the City Council sometime before December 31st.

All budget hearings and City Council meetings and sessions are open to the public and are broadcast on Fayetteville Government Channel 216; AT&T Uverse channel 99; streamed on the Internet through the City’s website.  For more information about the budget process or the City's financial status, or to receive a copy of the annual City budget, contact us.