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Permitting Procedures for Commercial Projects

A building permit application is required to construct a new building; to alter, demolish, enlarge, move, or repair a building; change the occupancy of a building or part of a building; and construct a retaining wall over 4 feet high.    

Building Permit Submittal Requirements

Digital Submittal 
One (1) complete set of drawings, including Architectural and Structural with civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbting drawings attached. This set of drawings will be returned to the contractor upon issuance of the building permit.
One (1) disk containing the complete set of drawings in a digital format (PDF).

Building Permit Review Requirements

The Building Safety Division will review a permit for conformance to the International Building Code, including the National Electric Code, Arkansas Energy Code, Arkansas Fire Prevention Code, Arkansas Mechanical Code, Arkansas Plumbing and Gas Code, and the Fayetteville City Code. The Arkansas Fire Prevention Code can be ordered from the International Code Council at
You may contact the Building Safety Division at (479) 575-8238.

The Engineering Division will review building permit applications for compliance with the City's regulation of development, flood damage prevention, physical alteration of land, storm water management, drainage and erosion control, and street and sidwalk specifications. You may contact the Engineering Division at (479) 575-8206.

The Fire Marshall will review all nonresidential building permit applications, as well as review all sprinkler drawings and inspect installations. You may contact the Fire Marshall at (479) 718-7639.
The Planning Division will review all building permit applications for conformance to all zoning and development regulations as required by the City of Fayetteville Unified Development Code, the Planning Commission, or City Council before a building permit application will be approved. You may contact the Planning Division at (479) 575-8267.

The Sidewalk Administrator will review building permit applications for sidewalk requirements and construction of parking lots containing 5 parking spaces or more. You may contact the Sidewalk Administrator at (479) 575-8291

The Recycling and Trash Collection Division will review building permit applications for compliance with the City's service and access regulations. You may contact the Solid Waste Division at (479) 575-8398.  

The Urban Forester will review building permit applications for compliance with the tree preservation and landscape regulations of the Unified Development Code. You may contact the Urban Forester at (479) 444-3470.

Effective Immediately for Single-family Residential Permits:
The Building Safety Division now enforces Unified Development Code Chapter 169.04, Minimal Erosion Control Requirements, and Chapter 170.10, Stormwater Discharge from Construction Activities, for all new single-family residential development. Please see the Residential Preconstruction Inspection and Consult Checklist for the minimal items that will be required for the inital site inspection. 

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