Citizen Emergency

What to do in the event of a winter storm.

Emergency Procedure

1)  Do not use generators, charcoal grills or gas grills inside the house, garage, or enclosed space.

2)  Do not try to heat the house using a gas range or oven.  Carbon monoxide (CO) is invisible, odorless, and deadly and can build up in a matter of minutes.

3)  Have the following items ready at home:

     - Battery powered radio, batteries, flashlights,
        cell phone, and charger.
     - One week supply of non-perishable food, water,
        medicine, medical supplies.
     - Items for babies, the elderly, and pets.
     - Kitty litter or sand for de-icing steps 
       and walkways.
     - Heating fuel, properly ventilatied emergency
       heating source such as a fireplace, wood stove,
       or space heater.
     - Fire extinguisher, smoke detector,
       carbon monoxide detector.
     - Warm clothing and extra blankets.

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