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Ward 2, Position 2


Matthew Petty



Phone:       (479) 595-8703 (email preferred)

113 West Mountain
Fayetteville, AR 72701



I serve on the Street Committee, where I try to plan for streets that need to accommodate all users - pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, even the disabled - while remembering that our population is going to double by 2050 and traffic patterns will change because of that growth. 

On the Equipment Committee, I help review the money we spend on costly equipment, such as trucks and asphalt pavers. Reviewing these items is an important way to make sure taxpayers are getting the most for their money. 

Finally, the Ordinance Review Committee reviews new ordinances at the request of citizens and staff. The committee will make changes, and ultimately make a recommendation whether or not to pass it to the Council. 

As of 2011, I also serve on the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission, which creates and implements regional plans. Most of the work is transportation related. One of the most exciting projects the Commission is working on is the Razorback Greenway trail project, which will connect 36 miles of trail from Bella Vista to southern Fayetteville.

Five goals we can accomplish together before 2020

  • A light rail or tram system from South Fayetteville to Lake Fayetteville
  • An accessible fund for people of all incomes to make their homes more energy efficient at reduced up-front cost
  • Recycling and composting for all apartments and businesses in Fayetteville
  • Locally grown food in each of our public schools
  • Government data made available through an API built on open access standards for application developers and researchers

My campaign platform from 2008

This was my campaign platform, built around Economy and Ecology as pillars. 

  • Sustaining funding for trails and walkable streets
  • Preserving green space with carefully planned infill and pocket parks
  • Helping create a green job training center to grow our green economy
  • Initiating a program for local business to create competitive online stores
  • A cost-effective expansion of our recycling program
  • Graduating impact fees and rates to support affordable living
  • Providing a low-impact, sustainable design orientation for developers
  • Including 18,000 U of A students in a "Shop Fayetteville First" campaign
  • Studying options to consolidate and expand public transit