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Ward 4, Position 1



John S. La Tour


Phone: (479) 443-7878

410 N. Oliver Fayetteville, AR 72701




Personal Statement

"I believe in limited government, responsive government and strong families."

Occupation & Education

Certified Public Accountant and Tax Attorney

 2007 – Juris Doctorate – Oak Brook College, Fresno, California

 1981 – Master’s degree in Business Administration, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

 1979 – Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounting, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Personal Information

Married to Elizabeth Moore La Tour for over 22 years with 9 children who attend various local educational institutions.

Resident of Fayetteville since 1979 

Native of Ville Platte, Louisiana

Memberships and Community  Services

Board Member, Northwest Arkansas Catholic Respect Life Council


Committee Involvement

Member: Water and Sewer Committee
Member: Ordinance Review  Committee

My Key Issues

Limited government – Keeping a big picture, long-range perspective of the reach of over-governance is crucial in the decisions made by our City Council. The purpose of the City Council is to ensure that services that meet the basic needs of our citizens – police, fire, water, sewer, solid waste, streets, parks, trails, etc. – are maintained in a way that secures an efficient, effective infrastructure without micro-managing or infringing on the day-to-day rights of our citizens.

Responsive government – A paternalistic approach to governing (i.e., the attitude that we know more than our citizens and they should trust us to take care of them) is not a responsive government. I believe a representative approach (i.e., our citizens can speak best to the issues that impact them most and our role is to listen and represent) is the key to responsive government. My goal is to be accessible to the citizens of my ward and Fayetteville and seek to be the best possible representative I can be of their voice.

Strong families – Creating an environment where strong families can grow is a result of limited, responsive government. Funding and focus move from trying to latch onto every wave of political correctness that ripples through our city and control the everyday decisions our people to creating a community that invites and embraces and nurtures the growth of strong families and neighborhoods.

Ward Meeting Schedule

4th Monday  of each month at 6 p.m. in Room 111 of the City Administration Building