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Ward 4, Position 1


Rhonda Adams 


Phone: (479) 444-0518

1725 W. Halsell 
Fayetteville, AR 72701


Personal Statement

"It is an honor to serve as a Ward 4 representative on the Fayetteville City Council.  I am committed to bringing Ward 4’s concerns to the City Council and to continuing efforts that build good working relationships between Ward 4, the University of Arkansas and the City.  I will work hard to ensure that the city’s policies and efforts protect Fayetteville’s quality of life and future."

Occupation & Education

Alderman Adams is the Assistant Dean for Administration at the University of Arkansas School of Law.  She has worked at the University of Arkansas since 1978 and holds an A.A. in Business Administration from the Walton College of Business, a BSE in Education and Health Professions, and an M.Ed., from the University of Arkansas. 

Personal Information

Rhonda is married to Charles Adams, who is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and a Professor of English.  They have two daughters, Amanda, who lives in Florida, and Allison, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband Josh and son Sullivan.

Memberships and Community  Services

Rhonda is an active member of the community and supports many City and University organizations. Some of those include the Fayetteville Public Library, the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks, Habitat for Humanity, Seven Hills Shelter, and the Walton Arts Center. She is a member of the Sierra Club and a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Fayetteville.

Committee Involvement

Member: Street Committee
Member: Nominating Committee

My Key Issues

  •  Preserve the "good life" in Fayetteville by supporting our existing businesses, encouraging new business opportunities, and implementing policies that encourage green jobs and transportation projects that are in line with the citizens of Fayetteville's desire to maintain an exceptional quality of life.
  •  Continue to maintain and expand our trail system and encourage the use of trails for both recreational use and for use as a valuable transportation option that provides safe, green, and beautiful routes to work, school, and local shopping.
  •  Work to integrate good-neighbor policies that build good relationships between our Ward 4 neighborhoods and the University.

Ward Meeting Schedule

Ward 4 meetings are currently held on the last Monday of each month in room 111 in City Hall from 6:00 - 8:00p.m.