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What steps can my business help avoid receiving a worthless or "Hot Check"?


Here are some things to look for when receiving a check:

1) Require ID- A driver's license is best. Compare photo and signatures.
2) Get date of birth.
3) Low numbered checks ? A lot of bad checks are numbered below 500.
4) Out-of-State business or banking facility should alert you.
5) Typed name of maker of check in upper left hand corner should also alert you.
6) P.O. Box ? Get a permanent address.
7) Does person make a journal entry in their check register?
8) Be careful of rebate checks.
9) Make sure written and numerical amounts agree.
10) Make sure check is dated same day you receive it.
11) Train your employees.
12) Have check limits.
13) If in doubt, you do not have to take a check.