Staying Informed

AccessFayetteville provides numerous ways to stay informed about your local government.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get a DVD copy of a program?

    Yes. Just call 479-444-3434 or email  to request one.

  2. How can I watch The Fayetteville Government Channel?

    Fayetteville Government Channel programming is telecast to viewers on Cox Communications cable channel 216; AT&T Uverse channel 99; streamed on the Internet (Click the Watch Now Live link above) and is available through our Video on Demand service.

  3. Can I see any old programs or meetings?

    Yes. We have an extensive archive. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll try to find it for you. Please try to give us as much information as possible, such as the program subject, when it occurred, who was in it, etc.

  4. What if I'm on camera in a meeting program and don't want to be?

    Meetings must be recorded and telecast gavel-to-gavel without editing. Only tehcnical issues will cause us to make any edits to a meeting program. We do not add or remove any content.

  5. Do you edit the meetings?

    No. We cover meetings gavel-to-gavel and do not edit anything out.

  6. Can I produce my own programs or meetings for The Government Channel?

    No. City staff provides all the production and support for programming that is telecast on the Goverment Channel.

  7. How can I make my own program?

    Contact Fayetteville Public Access Television at 479-444-3433 or

  8. How can I watch Fayetteville Public Access Television?

    Fayetteville Public Access Television is telecast to viewers on Cox Communications cable channel 218; AT&T Uverse channel 99; and is streamed on the Internet Click Here

  9. How can I watch the Education Channel

    Education Channel programming is telecast to viewers on Cox Communications cable channel 217 and is Available at AT&T Uverse channel 99.

  10. When will a program be telecast on The Fayetteville Government Channel?

    Check our program schedule here or call 479-444-3434

  11. Do you telecast programs more than once?

    Yes. You can access our current program schedule. Click here

  12. What is your program schedule?

    You can see our latest program schedule here

  13. Can I see this on the Web?

    Most meetings are available through our Video on Demand service: Click Here

  14. What can I see on The Fayetteville Government Channel?

    You can watch the proceedings of nearly 30 different Fayetteville government boards, commissions and advisory groups each month, including the City Council and the Planning Commission. You can watch public service programming, dealing with subjects ranging from the paid parking program to animals that need to be adopted from the Animal Shelter, as well as message board information that highlights meeting schedules, agendas, and other events of interest.