Staying Informed

AccessFayetteville provides numerous ways to stay informed about your local government.


The Dirty Dozen

Vinnie the Violator  If there is a violation, Vinnie's got it!  Vinnie knows he violated city codes, but he doesn't care.

Trashy Tina  Tina has thrown her trash everywhere!  There's trash in her yard, her car, and her house.  The only place Tina doesn't throw her trash is where it belongs--in the trash can.

Flat Tire Frankie  Every tire Frankie owns is flat.  Frankie likes to collect old cars that will not run, and old tires that are no good.  His front lawn looks like a salvage yard. 

Polly Plumbing  Polly's yard is overflowing with water.  It has not rained all month, but Polly is wearing her rain boots. 

Junkyard Johnny  Jonny loves to collect everything!  His front yard has become the talk of the town--not because of the beauty, but because of the junk.  

Bertha Brushpile  Bertha has the city's biggest brush pile in her back yard.  She doesn't understand why her neighbors keep complaining about her mountain of sticks. 

Rundown Randy  Is this house vacant?  Yes!  It's owned by Rundown Randy.  Randy's house is unsafe and should be removed.  

Willie Weeds  Willie refuses to mow his grass and weeds!  He thinks his weeds are an endangered species, but his neighbors think it's an excuse for him to not take care of his yard.

Curbside Carla  Carla has items all over her front yard.  She called the city to pick them up, but she didn't put them curbside.  

Wanda Willmow  Wanda always has a reason for not mowing her yard.  Her grass is so high she can no longer find her lawn mower.  

Pole Sign Pete  You never know where Pole Sign Pete will post his signs.  Pole Sign Pete will have signs all over the city in unapproved areas.  

Stagnant Stanley  Stanley has stagnant puddles and pools of water all around his yard.  Stagnant water can be a health risk, and is home for mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and bacteria.