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The Code Education Program

The City of Fayetteville is committed to the safety and welfare of its citizens.  We strive to meet this commitment by adopting a proactive approach in everything we do, including our outreach.  The Code Compliance Program is responsible  for enforcing City Codes that, if left unresolved, pose a threat to the health and safety of all our citizens.  What better way to keep Fayetteville clean and green, than to cultivate an early understanding.

The Education Program is comprised of:

  •  The Code Activity Book
  •  The Code Education Presentation

The Code Activity Book

The purpose of the Code Activity Book ( English | Spanish ) is to foster an understanding for City Codes, and the efforts made by the Code Compliance Program to help keep Fayetteville clean and green.

The Code Education Program

The City's Code Rangers and Ranger, the Code Dog, are ready to help clean-up Fayetteville neighborhoods, while teaching you about City Codes.  And guess what?  They need your help!

These officers and Ranger are teaming up with City Code Compliance Officers to track Fayetteville's Least Wanted, the Dirty Dozen. 

The SETUP | How It Works  The Education Program is versatile. 
What does this mean for your organization?  Choices.

The Code Compliance Education Program Guide provides a breakdown of the different presentations that are offered depending on the size of the group and/or space availiable.