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Redevelopment Program

In an effort to build a better community, the City of Fayetteville adopted the Redevelopment Program.  The main objective of this program is to keep the city safe, clean, and green. Through this program, low to moderate income person(s) of Fayetteville may qualify to receive assistance to correct city code violation(s) on their property.

To find out more about the Redevelopment Program, view our program handout.  

How do I qualify for the Redevelopment Program?

In order to qualify for the Redevelopment Program, you must:

What Violations does the Redevelopment Program correct?

  • 95.01 Unsightly or Unsanitary Conditions Overgrown grass and weeds on property
         Unsanitary/Unsightly trash
         Junk or rubbish on property
         Stagnant pools of water
  • 164.14 Parking and Storage of Certain Vehicles
         Any vehicle or trailer in a neighborhood without a current license plate
         Any vehicle undergoing major repairs that is not stored correctly

How do I apply?

Call the Community Resources office at (479) 575-8260 for an application, or come by the office at:

City of Fayetteville
Community Resources Division
125 W Mountain
Fayetteville, AR 72701