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Community Development Block Grant

The Community Resources Division administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program delivered from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The CDBG Program is the Federal Government's primary program for promoting community revitalization throughout the country, providing annual grants on a formula basis to approximately 1,000 metropolitan cities such as Fayetteville.

CDBG funds are used for a wide range of community development activities directed toward neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and improved community facilities and services.

National Objectives

Any project obtaining CDBG funding is required from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to meet at least one of three national objectives:

  • Benefit Low- and Moderate-Income Persons
  • Aid in the Prevention or Elimination of Slums or Blight
  • Meet Urgent Community Development Needs  

Eligible Activities

  • acquisition of real property;
  • relocation and demolition;
  • rehabilitation of residential and non-residential structures structures;
  • construction of public facilities and improvements, such as water and sewer facilities, streets, neighborhood centers, and the conversion of school buildings for eligible purposes;
  • public services, within certain limits;
  • activities relating to energy conservation and renewable energy resources; and
  • provision of assistance to profit-motivated businesses to carry out economic development and job creation/retention activities.


Ineligible Activities

  • acquisition, construction, or reconstruction of buildings for the general conduct of government;
  • political activities;
  • certain income payments; and
  • construction of new housing by units of general local government.

Federal Reporting

The Community Resources Division is the City's primary agency for both the Consolidated Plan (CP) and the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER).

The Action Plan

In order to receive annual CDBG funding, the City must submit a five-year Consolidated Plan, and an annual Action Plan for each of those five years:  View the current Action Plan here.

In the CP, the City identifies its goals for CDBG programs, which also serve as the criteria against which HUD will evaluate the City's performance in carrying out the identified goals.  The CP promotes a comprehensive approach to local decisions by requiring the City to pull together all local residents interested in community development, helping identify the needs of the community to formulate strategies for addressing current and future needs.

The One-Year Action Plan, updated annually, is a component of the CP used to reflect any changes previously reported.

The Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report

At the close of each program year, the City uses its CAPER to inform the public on how CDBG funds have been expended, and to describe the purpose and extent to which the programs have been delivered.


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