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Community Resources Public Notices


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides funding to the City of Fayetteville through the Community Development Block Grant Program to develop projects and activities to improve housing, public and community facilities and to provide public services principally for low- and moderate-income residents in the City of Fayetteville.  On or about Saturday November 15, 2014 the Community Development office will submit to HUD the FY2015 Consolidated Action Plan for the CDBG Program.  Copies of the Plan are available at the office of the City Clerk in the City Administration Building at 113 W Mountain Street and the Community Resources Division office in the Development Services Building at 125 W Mountain Street.


A Summary of the Action Plan and the Budget is presented below:


ADMINISTRATION                                                             $  72,900

HOUSING                                                                             $406,129

REDEVELOPMENT                                                             $  54,400

PUBLIC SERVICES                                                             $  26,500

  Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWA                $   5,000

  Transportation Program                                $ 21,500

PUBLIC FACILITIES                                                          $    2,671

  NWA Free Health Center                             $   2,671

  TOTAL                                                                                $562,600


The Public comment period will be September 29, 2014 - October 28, 2014.  A public hearing will be held Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at 113 W Mountain Street in Room 326 to discuss the 2015 Action Plan.  All interested parties are invited to attend. 


For more information, please contact the Community Resources Division at
479-575-8260 or  or visit our offices in the Development Services Building at 125 W Mountain Street