Staying Informed

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Development Services Codes and Regulations

Each Division and program within Development Services is responsible for administering and enforcing various chapters of Fayetteville's City Code. Because our codes are constantly changing to reflect Federal or State requirements and to keep up with community trends and needs, please coordinate with the Development Services Department to ensure that you are using the most current City Codes. 

Animal Codes                                                                        

Adopted by the City Council and enforced by the Animal Services Program, Chapter 92 of the City Code is designed to protect domestic and wild animals within the corporate city limits of Fayetteville.

Building Safety Codes                                                          

Fayetteville's building, electrical, energy, mechanical, plumbing, and gas codes are taken directly from Arkansas State building standards and added to when reviewing for Fayetteville. Enforced by the Building Safety Division, these codes are in place to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public through regulation of building construction practices. 

Building Safety Codes

Code Compliance Codes                                                      

The Code Compliance program within the Community Services Division is responsible for enforcing various chapters of Fayetteville's City Code:

Chapter 95.01 Unsightly or unsanitary conditions on real property

Chapter 164.14 Parking and storage of certain vehicles

Chapter 173.09 Unsafe buildings

Please contact the Community Services Division if you need assistance with a code violation issue.

Zoning and Development Codes                                        

While the Development Services Department is responsible for facilitating the private development review process in Fayetteville, enforcement of the City's zoning and development codes is a combined effort across several divisions, including City Planning, Engineering, Code Compliance, Solid Waste, and Urban Forestry. These codes regulate allowable uses on a property, site layout, drainage, street construction, tree preservation, landscaping, parking, signage, lighting, and design standards. Please contact the City Planning Division if you need further assistance with Fayetteville's zoning and development codes.

Title XV Unified Development Code

The City's zoning map on GIS is a virtual guide and tool for users, but the official zoning map is kept within the Planning Division. 

City Planning enforces the City's Unified Development Code, implements long range plans, and facilitates the development process in Fayetteville. 

Engineering protects the City's floodplains, facilitates the installation of the City's infrastructure, and manages the transportation bond & capital improvements programs.

Community Services coordinates the animal services, community development, and code compliance programs.

Building Safety administers building regulations that protect the health, safety, and welfare of Fayetteville's citizens in the built environment.

Animal Services operates the Fayetteville Animal Shelter and provides public education, adoption, and 24-hour emergency service for animals in the City.