How to Start a Business in Fayetteville

Step Two: Business Location, Zoning Compliance and Building Occupancy

When choosing a location to establish your business, you need to consider the zoning and building occupancy requirements in the city. Fayetteville has zoning ordinances and regulations that define how you can use your property. This is common in cities, counties and other local governments that adopt zoning plans and set development standards to ensure that land is used for the common good of the community.

Zoning laws come into play on all properties, regardless of size. If you are thinking about leasing or buying property, or making improvements to property you already own, make sure you understand the zoning restrictions before you commit to anything. Additionally, Fayetteville has adopted the International Building Code, which governs the use, construction and occupancy of buildings. The city’s Building Official and Fire Marshal can assist you in determining what improvements, if any, are necessary to open your business.