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Federal Income Tax Withholding (Form W-4):

Every employee must provide an employer with a signed withholding exemption certificate (Form W-4) on or before the date of employment. The employer must then submit Form W-4 to the IRS. This form will indicate on the amount of taxes to withhold from the wages of the employees.  The withheld taxes are then sent to Internal Revenue Services.


Social Security and Medicare Withholding Taxes:

Similar to the Federal Withholding Tax, employers must withhold social security and Medicare taxes from employees.  This withholding plus a matching amount from you, the employer must be remitted to the IRS on a periodic/quarterly basis. 



State Income Tax Withholding

Employers are required to withhold state income taxes from wages of employees. A new employer is required to register by completing a registration packet from the Arkansas Withholding Tax Section upon hiring the first employee.  Employers are required to remit monthly the full amount withheld from the wages of all employees.  For additional information, contact:

Address:                      AR Dept of Finance & Admin., Withholding Tax Unit
                                    Ledbetter Building, 1816 W 7th, Room 1380
                                    Little Rock, AR 72201

Telephone:                  (501) 682-7290