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Frequently Asked Questions


Construction FAQ's

Development FAQ's

  1. What is required to obtain Engineering approval of a grading permit?  Engineering has approved site plan and drainage report.  What else is required to obtain my grading permit?
  2. What else is required to obtain Engineering's approval for a grading permit?  Engineering has approved the site plan and drainage report for my site larger than 5 acres.
  3. What is required to obtain Engineering Division approval of my building permit after a grading permit has been issued?
  4. What does the Engineering Division require for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy?
  5. When can I submit a Final Plat to the Technical Plat Committee?
  6. What do I need to do to get a Final Plat signed?
  7. Who should I call prior to placing concrete within the right-of-way for a sidewalk or driveway ?
  8. When do I need a professional engineer to design a retaining wall?
  9. What are the revegetation requirements at Final Plat or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Occupancy?
  10. What is required if I am building a single family home in the Hillside/Hilltop Overlay District?
  11. When is a grading permit needed?
  12. What is the cost for a Water or Sewer tap?
  13. How much does a Grading/Tree Preservation Application cost?
  14. How much does a Sidewalk, Driveway & Curb Cut Application cost?
  15. What are the requirements for constructing a driveway approach?
  16. What is the right-of-way distance on my property?  Isn’t the right-of-way 10 feet on all streets?
  17. What is the green space width between the curb and sidewalk for the City of Fayetteville?

Fees FAQ's

Floodplain FAQ's

Grading/Building Permit FAQ's

Land Acquistion/Right Of Way FAQ's

Public Improvement Projects FAQ's

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Sidewalk & Driveway FAQ's

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Surveying FAQ's

Water & Sewer FAQ's