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Land Development Services

Engineering staff provides technical review and support for all private development within the City of Fayetteville. The technical review includes reviews for compliance with the City’s water, sanitary sewer, street design, grading and storm water runoff standards and ordinances. This program includes support of the Planning Department and Planning Commission at the development review meetings.

This program will also include the formulation and detail of the Master Drainage Study and the Phase II Storm Water requirements. The program also assists GIS with information necessary for the maintenance of records and record drawings concerning subdivisions and capital improvement projects.

Impact Fee Policy

Impact fees apply to new and existing development seeking a new connection to the City’s water or wastewater system resulting in increased demand from water and/or wastewater facilities. This shall not apply to existing development that is connecting to the wastewater system in order to eliminate an individual sewage disposal system.  Impact fees also apply to nonresidential or residential redevelopment seeking a larger capacity or additional water meter.  Water and wastewater impact fees shall be paid at the time of installation of the water meter serving the property or of the connection to the wastewater system, whichever comes first.

Water & Wasterwater Impact Fee Table

Water & Sewer Taps

Water & Sewer Tap Fees

Grading Permits

A grading permit is required any time land disturbance activities are occurring, except for the following: excavation below finish grade for basements, footings, swimming pools and septic systems; cemetery graves; refuse disposal; single family homes or duplexes located outside the HHOD (Hillside/Hilltop Overlay District), areas of 15% slope or greater, or floodplain zones; and building additions of less than 2000 square feet.

Grading Permit 08/18/2014

Project Final Inspection Checklist

Sidewalk Inspection Checklist

Standard Specifications  & Construction Details

Standard Specs & Details