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Trail Construction Program

The City of Fayetteville has a unique trails program to design and construct trails as efficiently and quickly as possible by performing design, property acquisition and construction in-house utilizing primarily City staff. The City Trails Coordinator oversees the trails program through the Engineering Division with support from the City surveyors, land agents and engineers. 

The Fayetteville Alternative Transportation and Trails (FATT) Master Plan outlines the location for future trails and bike routes to create a connected network of trails and bike routes throughout the City. This comprehensive plan includes over 100 miles of future trails and 160 miles of bike routes.

Existing and Proposed Trails Interactive Map (Click Link Below) 


Trail Construction Program Overview

Once a trail is designed and the necessary property is acquired, the 9 member City trails construction crew builds the trail as part of the Transportation Division. The in-house trails construction crew has proven to be a very cost effective way to rapidly build trails in Fayetteville. The trails construction crew works exclusively on constructing trails under the design guidance of the City's Trails Coordinator.  Since the creation of the trails construction crew in 2005, over 26 miles of multi-use trails have been built in Fayetteville.

Once a trail is completed, the Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Department oversees the maintenance, event programming of existing trails. For information and maps of existing trails please visit Trails and Greenways. The trails program is also focused on creating a system of safe bicycle routes using bike lanes, sharrow symbols and bike route signage to make Fayetteville a more bicycle friendly community.


5 Year Trail Construction Plan (For planning purposes only, subject to change)

5 Year Trail Construction Plan (subject to change)


Current Trail Design & Construction - Overall Projects

Current Trail Design & Construction Projects Map 


Individual Trail Design & Construction Projects


Frisco / Town Branch Trail - Walker Park to S. School (71B)

Frisco - Town Branch Trail Site Plan

 Fall/Winter 2014 Construction 


Clabber Creek Trail - Rupple Rd. to Holcomb Elementary

Clabber Creek Trail - Rupple to Holcomb Site Map

Trail Extension from the existing section of Clabber Creek Trail east to Salem Road, then northeast across Gary Hampton Softball Complex to Holcomb Elementary School.  Trail length - 3/4 miles

Currently in design and permitting, construction 2015


Regional Park Connection Trails


Regional Park Connection Trails Map