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Engineering Programs

Plans and Specifications:

Staff provides "in-house" engineering design and management of contract engineering services in connection with the Capital Improvements Program, the Transportation Bond Program, and for other public works projects. Engineering services include water, sanitary sewer, street, storm drainage and response to other departmental and citizen requests. The program objective is to provide quality in-house Engineering for the projects assigned to in-house staff, to acquire and manage engineering and construction contracts for work that is not designed in-house and to provide engineering support for other municipal departments. 

Public Construction:

Staff provide for the inspection and construction management of projects designed in-house, provide supplemental inspections for City projects being designed by consultant engineering firms, and provide supplemental inspections and observations for public work facilities being constructed by private developers. Responsibilities include recommendations on final acceptance of all private projects constructed for City ownership and maintenance such as water and sanitary sewer mains, streets and drainage within new residential or commercial development.

Other City Engineering Programs:

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