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How do you become a firefighter?


All applicants for the Fayetteville Fire Department must by the application deadline date:

(a) Be a citizen of the United States;

(b) Provide documentary proof that an applicant will not be less than 21 years of age by the test date;

(c) Have graduated from an accredited High School or have passed the General Education Development Test indicating High School graduation level;

(d) Have never been convicted of a felony;

(e) Be of good moral character;

(f) Ark. State Code provides that no person who has arrived at the age of thirty-five (35) shall be eligible for appointment to the Fire Department except where the applicant is already a paid firefighter. The maximum age of thirty-five (35) shall not apply to:

1. Any person who has at least two (2) years of previous experience as a paid firefighter with another department and whose years of experience as a paid firefighter, when subtracted from the person's age leaves a remainder of not more than thirty-two (32) years; or

2. Any person who is applying for a position within the Fire Department in which the primary function of the job involves administrative, managerial, or supervisory duties.

(g) In addition to sections a thru f, Applicants for the Fire Department must have attained certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) either through the Arkansas Department of Health or through the National Emergency Medical Technician Registry Program or possess one of the following prior to application:

1. Medical certification or license at a higher level (paramedic, nurse, etc.)

2. Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 IFSAC certifications

3. 12 college credit hours in core curriculum courses (english, math, science,history, foreign language, journalism or communications).

4. Graduated from an accredited fire academy in compliance with NFPA 1001, Pro-Board, etc.

5. A minimum of two years of service in the United States Armed forces or National Guard with honorable discharge (DD-214 required).


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