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Data Downloads

*** Download Transition ***

Data can now be downloaded (Extracted) from our interactive web maps.  In each map there is a "Data Extract" tool that will allow you to specifically select an area of interest, data layers, data format, and coordinate system you want to extract.  You can then save the data locally to a folder of your choosing.

The "Order Spatial Data" form works with newer versions of Internet Explorer in "Compatibility Mode". With the "Order Spatial Data" form open in Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" --> "Compatibility View Settings" and "Add" the website to the Compatibility View websites. The order form does not work with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and will give an error that "Incorrect or Incomplete values were entered".

The data download extension allows you to download our data in many different formats and projections. The data available here is the most current data we have available to offer.  Please read through the downloading notes and tips below to provide the best opportunity for a successful download.

>>> Contours have been removed from the order form, however, they are still available separately via FTP here.  Please see the Downloading Notes and Tips section below for more information on acquiring contour data.<<<


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Downloading Notes and Tips

  • Use Windows Internet Explorer 9, or older, or downloading; Safari, Chrome, and Firefox do not like the Search Area boxes and will return an "Incorrect or Incomplete values were entered" error.
  • Instructions: enter a valid Email Address, click Set Max Extent (unless you know the bounding coordinates of the area of interest), click Clear Themes, select themes, select the Format you want the data in, select the Coordinates, and finally click Order Data.
  • Make sure to click the "Set Max Extent" button and the "Clear Themes" button before selecting the themes you want to download.  If you know the State Plane Coordinates for the area you are interested in, entering them in the Search Area will clip the downloaded data to that extent.  Clicking the "Clear Themes" button before selecting the themes you need will make sure that you do not accidentally download unneeded data.
  • For data clipping to specific coordinates enter the bounding coordinates, Arkansas State Plane Coordinates North, in the "Search Area" boxes.  If you need help determining the bounding coordinates, we have a PDF that helps explain a process of identifying the bounding coordinates here.
  • When your order has been completed, you should receive an e-mail notification.  The timeliness of the order is dependant on the workload and number of orders in the queue, however, an order should not take longer than ten minutes to complete.  If you do not receive a response in an hour, please contact the GIS Office.
  • If you receive a “Spatial Direct Result Notification” e-mail that indicates an error occurred during the processing of the order please contact the GIS Office.
  • An order will remain available to download for twenty-four hours after the order is processed; the date and time of expiration is shown in the “Spatial Direct Result Notification” e-mail.
  • Selecting multiple themes in a single order may result in an excessively large download (several hundred megabytes).  If the file is too large for your computer after it has been unzipped, try ordering the same data in smaller increments if possible.
  • CAD orders merge all selected themes into a single file.
  • Contours are available via FTP here, they have been divided into USGS quarter-quadrangles and come in zipped ESRI Shapefile and AutoCAD DWG 2004 formats.

    If you do not know which quarter-quad file to download, the GIS Office provides three options to determine which quad you need. (1) Download quadrangle or quarter-quadrangle Index Theme via the Order Spatial Data form, (2) open the PDF Index Map from the GIS webpage, or (3) view the Land Records interactive map (expand Land Index Grids in the Layer List, check on the USGS Quads & Quarter-Quads layers) .

  • Imagery is not currently available for download, if you need imagery for a specific area, please contact the GIS Office.