Staying Informed

AccessFayetteville provides numerous ways to stay informed about your local government.


Interactive Maps

My Fayetteville Services
Discover services available at your home address – or any other in Fayetteville -- including the recycling/trash pickup day, schools, zoning, City council representative, flood zone, and neighborhood organizations.  You can also locate and get directions to parks and trails, library, fire and police stations, hospitals, post offices, and other civic sites.  Works on desktop, tablet, or phone. 

General Reference and Data Extraction Map
This is a basic city map that utilizes darker colors that come across better for printing.  The map shows City of Fayetteville streets, points of interest, buildings, parks, streams, lakes, and addresses.  It also includes all of our downloadable datasets for a one-stop data extraction service.

Annexation Map
A map showing Fayetteville's annexations since 1870.

Flood Data Map
This map shows flood zones for the city of Fayetteville. The map utilizes data from engineered flood surveys as well as data created from scanning and digitizing FEMA FIRM panels.

Historical Sites
This map shows sites, located in or near Fayetteville, that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Additional information is available by clicking a feature on the map.

Imagery Map
This map shows the various generations of aerial photography dating from 1926 to the present.

Land Records
This map contains contours, City’s monuments, Rights-of-way, City owned property, Plat Pages, USGS 7.5’ quadrangles, and Public Land Survey System (Township-Range-Section).

Land Use Map
The land use map shows the future land use as identified in City Plan 2030.  It also shows current land use based on the American Planning Associations Land Based Classification Standards for "Activity".

Master Street Plan Map
The master street plan map is a representation of the City's Master Street Plan and Downtown Master Street Plan documents.

Neighborhood Organizations Map
A map showing the City's active neighborhood associations.  This map also includes historic districts and the voting wards.

Parks and Trails Map
A map showing the City's parks, trail system, and sidewalks.

Utilities Map
This map combines the Water System Utility, Sanitary Sewer Utility, and the Storm Water Utility into a single viewer.

Wards Map
A map showing the City's voting ward boundaries, also known as aldermanic districts.

Zoning Map
This map is a representation of the City's official zoning map; it shows the City's current zoning districts, Hillside/Hilltop Overlay District, as well as the Design Overlay District.