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City of Fayetteville Compensation Philosophy

The City of Fayetteville is committed to recruiting, retaining and motivating an excellent workforce by providing a high quality of work life to City employees through a competitive compensation structure, competitive benefits program, and a challenging and enriched work environment.

In order to deliver high quality municipal services, the City's workforce must possess key attributes associated with excellence. Therefore, the following key characteristics for all employees are desired:

  • highly skilled
  • customer service oriented
  • possess personal integrity and exhibit ethical behavior
  • highly productive and focused on quality results
  • team players
  • seek opportunities to improve services
  • understand technology
  • value diversity
  • committed to the City's welfare

The City will achieve this pay philosophy by implementing the following initiatives: 


  • Provide a base compensation structure that is competitive and strives to be above average in market salaries as incorporated into the City's compensation and classification plan
  • Provide for flexibility in both hiring rates and providing compensation for existing employees that is both flexible and internally equitable
  • Provide an appropriate set of benchmark positions which establish the foundation for the City's pay line and provide a consistent means for the City to review the market every year and conduct a comprehensive market survey every four years.


  • Provide for a meaningful way for employees to move through the compensation plan based on both experience and achievement so that employees can anticipate rewards based on contributions, experience and performance
  • Provide that the annual review of the market and adjustments to the City's overall compensation plan of not less than the cost of living increase become a part of the budgeting process through periodic surveys and the incorporation of the results into the City's proposed budget for personnel costs
  • Adopt a policy of regularly reviewing the City's benefits and rewards programs to maintain competitiveness with the City's market


Provide for a performance and experience recognition program that incorporates the following:

  • The ability to review and rate performance for all employees and to provide adjustments to employees based on their consistent level of achievement and successful experience on the job
  • A bonus program to provide one-time, on-the-spot rewards for meritorious service
  • A compensation program that recognizes incentives based on job related professional or academic achievements