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Extra Trash Bag Stickers Program Is Moving To Electronic Form Beginning January 1, 2014


The City of Fayetteville provides trash carts for residential pick-up, and any bags set out separate from a cart are subject to a fee charge.  However, the City of Fayetteville’s Solid Waste and Recycling Division has a program that allows four free extra bags (32 gallon size or smaller) to be placed out next to your cart for pick-up each year.  In past years, we mailed out four free extra bag stickers to residential utility account holders, and residents would place a sticker on an extra bag for free pick-up. 

Beginning January 1st of 2014, the City of Fayetteville will no longer print and mail the four free extra bag stickers to residential account holders as part of our residential trash and recycling program due to this program transitioning from paper to electronic form.  Next year, utility customers will be able to see the number of free extra bags they have available noted on their monthly bill.  Just as residents at a particular address currently receive the opportunity for no extra charge for placing four extra bags out each year in this program, residents at an address will still receive the same opportunity to place four extra bags out with their cart for no extra fee-the program has just gone electronic.  As with the current program, bags placed for pick-up that are not in a cart and are larger than 32-gallon in size are subject to an additional charge. 

The printing and mailing of stickers in the existing print-based program costs approximately $17,000 per year, and the savings that come from moving this program from a paper/sticker one to an electronic one will further benefit Fayetteville and our commitment to wise money management and ecological solutions.  With this enhanced program, you also do not have to keep up with stickers, but the four free extra bag allotments each year become part of your residential utility account automatically.  If any of the four remain unused in your account at the end of the calendar year, they will roll over in your account to the next calendar year. 

Throughout the 2014 calendar year, in addition to the implementation of the new electronic version of this program, the City will continue to also accept extra bags for no extra charge if they have a physical sticker from a previous year on them.  All physical stickers from the years 2013 and earlier may be used during the 2014 calendar year, and all physical stickers will expire on December 31, 2014.  City staff will first look for physical stickers on any extra trash bags, and if no physical sticker is present then staff will note the extra bag in the customer’s account so that one of the electronic ones can be applied.  If the account holder has none remaining, an extra bag fee will go on to the customer’s account.

In meeting the Fayetteville City Council and City of Fayetteville goals of increasing diversion of trash from landfills, we encourage everyone to engage in practices of reduction of waste, reuse, and recycling of all items possible.  As part of the City’s Recycle Something campaign, you can find out more about recycling in Fayetteville at   

If you wish to acquire a larger cart to accommodate your trash needs, you may contact our Solid Waste and Recycling Department at 575-8398.  To increase the size of your trash cart, there is a one-time fee of $20, but there are no fees for a reduction in cart size.