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Fayetteville Emergency Alert System


The City of Fayetteville asks all residents, schools, businesses, non-profit and all other entities to register with the City of Fayetteville Emergency Alert System.  We ask that you sign up now rather than wait until the time of an emergency or a crisis due to natural or human-made disasters to get up-to-date emergency information prior to and during such dangerous situations.

Registering your cell phone for an alert text message or your e-mail for an e-mail alert (or both) from the City of Fayetteville is easy.  All that is necessary to sign up is to go to the City of Fayetteville’s homepage, and at the top of the home page click on the red Alert Button that states "Emergency Alerts and Information System" -- or you may go directly to ALERT SIGN UP to input your contact information to receive emergency alerts that go out from the City of Fayetteville . 

In the event of an emergency in Fayetteville, the City of Fayetteville will promptly send out alert warnings and helpful information, such as shelters that have been opened and their locations, emergency transportation notices in cases of weather disasters, warning information, information about the type of disaster, guidance about safety measures, and other helpful information.

Emergency events may involve both county and city emergency management officials.  They often include coordination between local, state, and federal governments depending on the level of magnitudes of the event or disaster.  The City of Fayetteville works to stay in touch with all involved entities during all stages of any disaster.  These alerts provide a method for us to communicate with citizens in an accurate manner, while also providing details to best manage your personal and business needs during the specific emergency that is occurring or approaching Fayetteville.  The City of Fayetteville also asks that you review now the emergency procedures provided at that same sign-up website for disaster situations such as earthquakes, explosions, fire, flood, Haz Mat release, heat advisory, power outage, tornados, and winter storms. 

Thank you in advance for signing up for this important citywide alert system.