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Fayetteville Ranks Number Seven in Medium-Sized Cities Ripe for Veterans to Find Jobs


Navy Times this month reported Fayetteville, Arkansas, as the 7th top medium-size city in the nation for Veterans to find jobs.  The "Best Places for Veterans: Jobs" list is commissioned by the military-focused financial services and insurance company USAA and the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes project.  Criteria for selection included areas with great economies, affordable living costs, and an abundance of veteran-related services.  Current data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which includes detailed hiring information, was also used in the determination of the lists. 

Fayetteville joins the following medium-size cities for the list’s top ten:  Ann Arbor, Lexington, Gainesville, Lincoln, Huntsville, Roanoke, Lansing, Montgomery, and Asheville.  Cities that made the top ten list for large cities are Houston, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Austin, Norfolk, Tampa, Salt Lake City, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.