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New Frisco Trail HAWK Signal Crossing of South School Avenue (71B)


The City of Fayetteville celebrated the completion of the extension of Frisco Trail from MLK Jr. Blvd. to Walker Park on April 12th, 2014.  This 1/2 mile long trail includes a tunnel crossing under MLK Jr. Blvd. and a new signalized crosswalk across South School Ave. (71B).  This signalized crosswalk is called a High intensity Activated crossWalK  (HAWK) or Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon and is one of the first in Arkansas.  The signal works much like traditional signals, but has a few differences so we have included a description below along with the following video. High Intensity Activated Crosswalk Signal Operational Video

The HAWK beacon is not illuminated until it is activated by a pedestrian or cyclist, triggering the warning flashing yellow lens on the South School Ave. followed by a solid yellow light to inform drivers to prepare to stop. The beacon then displays a dual solid red light and drivers must stop. At the conclusion of the walk phase, the beacon displays an alternating flashing red light, and pedestrians are shown an upraised hand symbol with a countdown display informing them of the time left to cross. During the alternating flashing red lights, drivers can proceed after coming to a full stop and checking that pedestrians and cyclists have already crossed their lane of travel. Each successive driver is legally required to come to a full stop before proceeding during the alternating flashing red phase.  See summary below:

Dark - Drivers proceed through crosswalk as normal



Flashing/Solid Yellow - Drivers prepare to stop




Dual Solid Red - Drivers must stop




Flashing Red - Drivers must stop first, then may proceed if the pedestrian or cyclist has cleared the crosswalk