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New " No Soliciting" Ordinance and Signs Available to the Public


Recently, the City of Fayetteville passed a city ordinance that would restrict residential door-to-door sales within the City of Fayetteville. According to the new ordinance, all vendors and peddlers should have proof that a city permit has been issued and should have proper identification on their person while going door to door. It also states that if the owners of the property have posted a "no soliciting" sign, then the door-to-door sales person should not make contact at that address. This ordinance does not apply to persons who wish to express religious or political beliefs, or nonprofit groups going door-to-door. No peddling or solicitation shall be conducted within the city without a principal permit being issued. The cost of the principal permit is $40, the peddler/ solicitor must also get a permit from the City of Fayetteville at a cost of $5. These permits can be obtained from the City of Fayetteville Development Services Department.

If you would like to pick up a free "no soliciting" sign to post at your residence, you may pick one up at the following locations: 

*  City of Fayetteville Development Services, 125 W. Mountain Street

 *  Office of the Mayor, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 113 W. Mountain Street

*  City Clerk’s Office, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 113 W. Mountain Street

We will be providing them in additional locations in the future as well. These signs come in two types, one for placement inside a window facing out and a different type for placement on a window’s outside facing.  Also, "no soliciting" signs are available to the public on the City of Fayetteville website at No Soliciting Signs, which can be printed off and posted. 

Below is the sign and the new "no soliciting" ordinance.

No Soliciting Sign and Ordinance