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I received a ticket that says Against the Flow. Is it a mistake?


Parking against the flow of traffic is prohibited by city Ordinance 72.06 Method of Parking (below) and the State of Arkansas.   

  72.06 Method Of Parking
  Pursuant to A.C.A. '27-51-1301, a vehicle parked on
  any street in the city shall be parked on the right-hand
  side of the street, headed in the direction of traffic with
  its right-hand wheels parallel to and within 18 inches of
  the curb, except where streets have been marked for
  angle parking, and except that, on one-way streets,
  vehicles may be parked on the left-hand side of the
  street, unless parking is prohibited on such side. In
  every case, a vehicle shall be parked entirely within any
  lines or markings on the street designating parking