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Parking Maps

Downtown Business District


Parking meters in the Downtown Business District are to be paid from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Parking is FREE after 6:00 PM weekdays and All Day Saturday and Sunday.

Parking on the Square is FREE for 2 consecutive hours within a 4 hour time frame.  You must leave the Square on or before 2 hours has passed from the time you first arrived.  You may not return to the Square until 4 hours have passed from the time you first arrived.  This ensures that these spaces are made available for customers visiting the area businesses and restaurants.

Entertainment District (Dickson Street) Parking


Paid parking in the Entertainment District begins at 2:00 PM each day and expires at 2:00 AM the following morning.  Parking is FREE from 2:00 AM until 2:00 PM each day.

Other Parking Options in Fayetteville


In addition to the Entertainment District and Downtown Business District parking, there are also many privately owned parking areas.  Please obey signage for rates and restrictions.

Parking Programs in Downtown Business District


The City of Fayetteville offers a variety of parking programs for the downtown business area.  Applicable fees for these programs are billed on a quarterly basis and are payable in advance.  For details, please select the Parking Programs button on the right.

Employee Discount Program (Entertainment District)


Employees in the Entertainment District may be eligible for a discounted parking rate if they are employed by merchants that do not have private parking lots for their employees.  Qualified employees may receive a 90% discount for specific on-street pay parking spaces in the Entertainment District, excluding certain streets.  For details, please select the Parking Programs button on the right.