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Parking Rates for Downtown Business District


Paid from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday
(FREE after 6:00 PM and ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday)

Rates for On Street Meters (Not Red Top)
$0.25 per hour (2 hour limit)

Rates for Long Term Meters (Red Top)
$0.25 = 1 hour 40 Minutes
$0.10 = 40 Minutes
$0.05 = 20 Minutes
$1.50 = 10 hour

Downtown Square

Parking on the Square is FREE for 2 consecutive hours within a 4 hour time frame. You must leave the Square on or before 2 hours has passed from the time you first arrived. You may not return to the Square until 4 hours have passed from the time you first arrived. This ensures that these spaces are made available for customers visiting the area businesses and restaurants.

Town Center Parking Deck

$4.00 per Entry

Municipal Parking Deck

1st Level - $4.00 per entry
3rd Level - $3.00 per entry