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Fayetteville Parking App

We have a new app that helps you find public parking spaces in the Downtown Fayetteville/Dickson Street Area. You can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPhone, or Android phone. For every public parking space in the area, you can find the hours of operation, cost, and where to pay.

Here's how to download:

On your Computer (desktop or laptop)
1.   Click on the following link:
2.   Zoom and pan to the location of interest.
3.   Click on the lot or parking space and a pop-up shows the information.
4.   Click on the Content tab to turn the aerial imagery on and off.

On your Phone or Tablet

  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play. Search for and download the ArcGIS app published by ESRI-it's free.
  2. Start the app and search Maps for "Fayetteville Parking" (you do not need a user account).
  3. Select the result called "Parking Fayetteville AR"
  4. Tap the GPS icon and the map will zoom to your location based on your device's GPS, or zoom and pan to the location of interest.
  5. Tap on a parking lot or on-street parking space and you will see the pertinent parking information associated with that parking feature. On some devices, you will get a pop-up with an address and lat/lon coordinates-tap the arrow to get to the parking information.
  6. Use Contents to turn aerial imagery on or off.
  7. Use Legend to view map key.