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Pay Station Locations and Instructions

When visiting downtown Fayetteville you will encounter various types of pay stations. We hope this page will assist you in learning how the different pay stations work. Fayetteville strives to make parking quick and easy for you upon your visit.

Meter Instructions

Insert one coin at a time. Meters will automatically register the time allowed for each coin inserted in the meter. Please note that if the meter does not register the first coin inserted or if the meter is not operating, then you must move to a meter that is working properly. Do not continue to insert coins as the city does not offer refunds. Please report malfunctioned meters to Parking Management Office 479-575-8280.

Entertainment District

In our Entertainment District you will use a Digital Luke Pay Station. Our convenient pay stations are easy to use: Press any number on the key pad to wake up the pay station. Enter the space number at your parking space and follow the prompts. You keep the receipt so there is no ticket to return to your vehicle.

The operator of the vehicle shall upon entering the parking space, immediately pay or cause to pay for said occupied parking space. 

Pay Station Locations and Instructions


Please click the following link for Pay Station Locations.

Press any number on the keypad to wake up the pay station
Follow Screen prompts
Make Payment (accepts Cash, Coin or Credit Card)
Pay Stations do not give change
Pay Stations do not accept bills larger than a $5.00 bill

No Refunds 






Should you need assistance, the Parking Associates can be reached by calling 479-444-3409. This number is listed on all pay stations for you convenience. 






The Entertainment District also provides Amano Automatic Central Pay Stations at the WAC Lot.  These systems have voice and screen prompts that ensure easy use.