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Landscape Requirements Ordinance - Chapter 177

In 2007 the Urban Forester acting in the capacity of the Landscape Administrator collaborated with other city staff to consolidate landscape requirements found throughout multiple sections of the Unified Development Code into a single ordinance. This was done so those needing to meet landscape requirements could go to a single location to find landscape requirement information. Additionally, the ordinance aimed to meet the following goals: a greener, more attractive city; reduced heat, noise and air pollution; and increased property values. The City of Fayetteville requires developers to include landscaping in their building plans to beautify property, provide shade, and screen the perimeters of parking lots, utilities, incompatible uses and vehicular use areas.

Landscape requirements are applicable to the following types of construction projects:

subdivisions and large scale developments

building permits for non-residential construction, construction of multi-family residential buildings composed of three or more dwelling units

parking lots with five (5) or more spaces.

Residences of two living units or less; repairs necessitated from fire damage or any other calamity; and accessory structures such as garages and fences are exempt from the Landscape Ordinance.

The review process entails evaluating the proposed landscaping design for perimeter, interior and screening requirements on the site, understanding the characteristics of existing vegetation and proposed development impacts then ensuring all standards and requirements are met.


Landscape details and planting standards can be found in the City of Fayetteville’s Tree and Landscape Technical Manual: Standards and Specifications for Tree Preservation, Protection and Landscaping, commonly refered to as the “Landscape Manual”.

The following documents are available to assist prospective builders, contractors, developers and owners with the landscape review process:

Landscape Requirements Ordinance - City Code, Chapter 177: Landscape Requirements

Landscape Surety Form
Landscape Manual

Standard Landscape Details and Notes:

Tree Planting Detail
Shrub Planting Detail
Standard Landscape Notes

Addendums to Landscape Manual:

    Manual Update Pages 51 and 52

    Trees Recommended for Planting along City Streets

    Street Tree List for Special Planting Situations

    Mitigation and Landscape Tree Quality Specifications