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Community Garden Involvement

How to make your experience successful and rewarding.

  •  Plan to visit your garden two or three times a week during the growing season. Keeping your plot and surrounding area tidy requires frequent visits.  There is weeding, watering, staking and/or harvesting that  needs to be done on a routine basis.
  •  Attend scheduled meetings and workdays. Attendance to these events will provide opportunities for you to meet your garden neighbors and to be a valuable part of your garden’s community.  You will also learn  about the various jobs and projects that must be accomplished in order to keep the garden thriving.
  •  Make friends with other gardeners. Experienced gardeners are an invaluable resource!  Get to know them  and visit their plots.  You can learn how they stake their tomatoes or trellis their beans.  You can learn how  they prepare certain foods, or when they plant certain crops.  Other gardeners, especially those with lots  of experience, are willing to share their knowledge, so get to know them!
  •  Volunteer and Participate! Community gardens don't manage themselves. They require a fair amount of work. By pitching in on a certain job, project or event, you will be supporting the garden and ensuring that  work is shared among many people.
  • Educate yourself.  There is always something to learn about gardening!  Attend garden workshops.  Visit the  library.  Go on-line.  Talk to other gardeners and farmers.  Ask questions.  The more you learn, the more  successful your garden will be and the more fun you will have! 

Gardener Guidelines 
Provides guidelines for gardening at a Community Gardens in the Parks garden.