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Which parks have walking trails?


Hard surface trails are featured at Gulley Park (1.15 mi), Gordon Long Park (0.60 mi), Walker Park (1.38 mi), Bryce Davis Park (0.19 mi) Red Oak Park (0.20 mi), Dale Clark Park (0.60 mi), and Wilson Park (0.90 mi).

Other hard surface trails include: Clabber Creek Trail (0.65 mi), Happy Hollow Trail (0.15 mi), Kitty Creek Trail (0.18 mi), Raven Trail (0.27 mi), Shiloh Trail (1.33 mi), Town Branch Creek Trail (0.38 mi), Tsa La Gi Trail (0.16 mi), St. Paul Trail (0.78 mi) and Pinnacle Prairie Trail (0.15 mi).

Natural trails can be found at Finger Park (0.60 mi), Gregory Park (0.60 mi), Joe Clark Trail at Lake Wilson Park (3.09 mi), Two Turtles Trail at Lake Fayetteville (5.5 mi), Bayarri Park Trail (0.30 mi), King Fisher Trail at Lake Sequoyah (1.90 mi), West Side Trail at Lake Sequoyah (0.25 mi), Rookery Trail at Lake Sequoyah (2.00 mi), and Mt. Sequoyah Trail at Mt. Sequoyah Woods (1.60 mi).

Starting at Frisco Trail on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, you can travel north using Scull Creek Trail and Mud Creek Trail, to Vantage Blvd, and end at the Lake Fayetteville Trail for a total distance of 10.12 miles one way.  

Visit the Trails & Greenways portion of this webpage for more information including directions to each trail.