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The following Fact Sheets were published by the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture.  The Fact sheet on Lake Fayetteville/Clear Creek sheet is a product of a Watershed Riparian Management and Demonstration Grant.  These fact sheets provide educational information concerning Best Management Practices for watersheds.  


What is a watershed?

The term watershed describes an area of land that drains down slope to the lowest point. The water moves through a network of drainage pathways, both underground and on the surface. Watersheds can be large or small. Every stream, tributary, or river has an associated watershed, and small watersheds join to become larger watersheds. Because water moves downstream, any activity that affects the water quality, quantity, or rate of movement at one location can affect locations downstream.


(This description of a watershed was taken from the Watershed Stewardship Education Program Training Guide, Oregon State University and Sea Grant Extension)

Lake Fayetteville Clear Creek - Fact Sheet

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