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Tree Pruner & Tree Service Certification

Under the City’s Unified Development Code Chapter 167, Tree Preservation and Protection, Section 07, Commercial Tree Pruner/Service; Certificate And Insurance Required. Commercial Tree Pruners and/or Tree Services providing work for hire within the city limits of Fayetteville states that the owner and each supervisor in the business shall obtain a City issued commercial tree pruner/service certification.

This certification is issued after an individual tree pruner or company owner/supervisors either;

1) attend a workshop conducted by the City or view a video of the workshop and pass a multiple choice test, or
2) pass the test separately without benefit of the workshop or video.

Additionally the tree pruner/service must provide proof of insurance in the name of the company or individual testing for the certification that shall carry the following minimum liability coverage;              

General Aggregate:              $100,000.00
Personal & Advertising:        $100,000.00
Each Occurrence:                  $100,000.00

NOTICE: any resident or business employing the services of a tree pruner/service is highly encouraged to check current credentials as the City only asks for proof of insurance at the beginning of the certification process and does not verify that the policy is still in effect

To pass the test a score of 75% or higher must be achieved.

The Tree Pruner/Service Certification is valid for one year.

A copy of the certification shall be maintained at all job sites and be visible or available for view to the general public, code compliance officers, law enforcement officers, the City Urban Forester and/or his designate.


Tree Pruners/Tree Services Certified by the City of Fayetteville

The PDF link below is for a list of certified tree pruners and services.

Tree Pruner/Tree Service Certification List
Information for Hiring a Tree Professional



The City does not warrant or guarantee any qualifications, credentials, or quality of work that might be provided by a tree pruner/tree service. Those interested in tree services are encouraged to contact the Better Business Bureau, other consumer protection agencies and/or solicit recommendations from previous customers. Also, the City highly encourages citizens that hire someone or a company to do tree work for them to call the individual’s/company’s insurance representative and verify that 1) the insurance is current and 2) the insurance is for tree work not landscaping, construction, painting etc. and 3) they carry workers compensation for tree workers.

Avoid possible fraud or misunderstanding. Hire only City certified, insured and qualified companies to prune trees. The Urban Forester suggests that you do not take the first offer that comes around, shop for the best price even if it takes longer to get your yard and trees cleaned up, get a written price agreement, do not pay the entire amount agreed upon for work up front; pay a small deposit, such as 10% to guarantee the tree service will do the work. Pay half when 50-60% of the work is complete. Only pay the last payment when all debris including stumps, if removals took place, are cleaned up and the debris meets the City’s Solid Waste requirements for pick up or all material has been hauled off-site.

Any errors or omissions are strictly an oversight and not intended to mislead or misrepresent information pertaining to tree pruners/services. Any tree pruner, tree service or individual that finds discrepancies in the information provided here and information obtained in the field are encouraged to call 479-444-3471 and report such errors for corrections.


For Additional Information

Citizens/Businesses or Tree Pruners/Services requiring additional information about the Commercial Tree Certification, the material covered in the workshop, and/or upcoming workshop dates contact the Parks and Recreation Office at (479) 444-3471.