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Downtown Square and City Buildings

The Downtown Square Gardens

In 1979 a group of visionary individuals developed a plan to revitalize the dying downtown area.  This plan included renovation of the centrally located Federal Post Office to accommodate a restaurant which was to be surrounded by gardens and seating areas.  These ventures were funded by private individuals and managed by the Chamber of Commerce.  Don McEnany was hired to design, plant, and maintain the gardens.  After Don’s death in 1985, Susan Regan acquired the job of managing the Fayetteville Downtown Square Gardens.

 In 1995 the Advertising and Promotions Commission took over the funding of gardening supplies and the City of Fayetteville hired Susan Regan as the Square Gardens Manager.   Upgrades were added during this time: a water feature, new garden pathways, benches and trash receptacles.  In 2002 the gardens were placed under the management of the Parks and Recreation Department.

In 2007 the gardens' infrastructure had started to show wear and tear.  The City of Fayetteville and the Advertising and Promotions Commission partnered to revitalize the historic square and its beloved gardens.  The deteriorating water feature was replaced with an upgraded version resembling a native waterfall.   Brick retaining walls were redesigned and replaced with natural stone.  Side walks were enlarged and electrical systems were updated to accommodate new landscape lighting, street lights, and Lights of the Ozarks.  Benches and trash receptacles were replaced with new ones.

The square continues to be managed by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.  Three full-time horticulturists design, plant and maintain the beds.  The beds contain a wide variety of perennials including some native plants.  Tropical plants and annuals are used to enhance the beds.  Most of the plants are grown from seeds and plugs at the greenhouse located on Mt.Sequoyah. The soil mix for the beds are made with one-third sifted topsoil, one-third field sand and one-third compost.  Three different types of mulch are used: City of Fayetteville mulch, pinebark mulch and grade A cedar mulch.

Square Gardens Plant List


City Building Gardens 


Parks and Recreation Office Building                                                          

The flower garden at the Parks and Recreation office is designed to add a profusion of seasonal color and to provide a connection with nature.  Built directly on an asphalt parking lot, the three foot deep raised bed runs along the length of the building and is constructed of landscape timbers.  Evergreens include Boxwood shrubs and an American Holly, these anchor the garden year around.  Several birds have fledged  from nests in the Holly, which confirms the connection with nature this garden is designed to create.  Changing from year to year the show of annuals includes Tulips, Viola, Angelonia, Zinnia and Lantana.  These dependable annuals paired with perennials including Clematis, Winter Jasmine, Rudbeckia and Salvia present a colorful and refreshing relief for people and wildlife from the surrounding parking area.


District Court Building

The beds at the District Court Building were established in the fall of 2009.  The building has LEED Gold certification.  Therefore no sprinkler systems were installed and Arkansas native plants were utilized.


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