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National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat Program

Many of Fayetteville's parks are designated as part of the National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat™ program. To qualify for the certification, sites must provide food sources, water sources, places for cover, and places for wildlife to raise their young. In addition, sites must incorporate sustainable gardening practices. These elements are all essential for a healthy and sustainable wildlife habitat.

The following parks are certified:

Bayaari Park; Buddy Hayes Park; Brooks-Hummel Nature Preserve; Bryce Davis Park; Clabber Creek Trail; Clarence Craft Park; Doc Mashburn Park; Frisco Trail; Gary Hampton Softball Complex; Gordon Long Park; Greathouse Park; Gulley Park; Hamestring Creek Trail; Harmony Pointe Park; Lake Fayetteville; Lake Sequoyah; Lake Wilson; Madison Natural Area; Rocky Branch Park; Rodney Ryan Park; Scull Creek Trail; Sweetbriar Park; Town Branch Trail; Walker Park; Wilson Park; and World Peace Wetland Prairie

For more information, visit the National Wildlife Federation's website.