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Razorback Road and 22nd Street 

The Razorback Road City Entry sign and garden feature is meant to welcome people entering the city from I-540.  This is an example of utilizing drought tolerant plants that are viewed from a busy roadway.  In an on-going effort to create sustainable landscapes this garden receives only rain water.  The plants City gardeners have selected for this display are able to survive with no additional irrigation and offer color and texture at various times throughout the year.  Included are evergreen shrubs, flowering bulbs and grasses.  Native shrubs and trees serve as the backdrop.


Willoughy Road and South School

The Willoughby Road entry sign and garden feature is designed to greet people entering Fayetteville on Highway 71 Business (South School Avenue).  Although irrigation water is available here, the garden is designed to depend primarily on rain water and drought tolerant plants.  Because this bed is considered a "55 MPH" garden, plants are incorporated that have bold or bright foliage and are grouped in masses for best "drive by" effect.   Arkansas native plant species integrated into this garden include Cup plant (Silphium) and Monarda.  In addition to reduced irrigation use, other sustainable measures include phasing out annual species. By favoring the use of  tough perennials, natives and  woody plants the garden requires reduced amounts of mulch, water and maintenance.

Eva Street and Wedington Drive 

In 2002 a local women’s shelter dedicated a magnolia tree in memory of a former Fayetteville resident Lucila Flores, a victim of domestic violence.  As part of the dedication the City of Fayetteville donated a small plot of land at the corner of Wedington Drive and Eva Street for a small memorial garden.

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Happy Hollow and Martin Luther King Blvd.

In 2006 the intersection at Happy Hollow and Huntsville Rd. was reconfigured and two streetscapes were established.

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Martin Luther King and Mashburn

This streetscape was established in 2000 when the intersection at Hwy.16 and Huntsville Rd. was reconfigured. 

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Archibald Yell and School Street

In 2004 the streetscapes at Archibald Yell and School were established.  It was designed as an entryway to the Fayetteville Library, Historic Downtown Fayetteville and the Dickson Street entertainment district. 

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