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Trail Trekkers


Trail Trekkers is a volunteer based program guided by Fayetteville Park and Recreation. By foot or by bicycle, Trail Trekker volunteers will provide safety, education, and assistance to all trail users in the City of Fayetteville. This year-round program aims to take all measures possible to ensure that Park and Trail patrons are assisted and protected by positive community members. 


To improve the quality of life in Fayetteville by providing and modeling proper trail etiquette and safety as well as assisting users in trail navigation.


Pass knowledge of trail etiquette and safety to trail users
Decrease the number of incidents/accidents on trails
Increase usage of trails
Improve trail quality by reporting hazards and maintenance needs


Supply directions, maps and information
Encourage compliance of trail rules and etiquette
Report and/or perform light trail maintenance
Assist with first aid needs
Assist with minor bicycle repair
Cooperate with Fayetteville Police Department if the need arises. 

Trail Trekkers Volunteers will be supplied with vests for identification purposes, a small first aid kit, supplies for minor bike repairs, emergency and key contact phone numbers, and maps.  It is necessary for each Trail Trekkers volunteer to carry a cell phone.

Fayetteville Trail Trekkers Handbook